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What is Seo

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the rational design of webpage design technologies, including website structure design, page layout design, webpage code optimization, navigation tag optimization, and page labeling, so that the website can better match search engine spiders. (Also known as the detector) indexing habits, and at the same time establishing strategies through effective external links, so that the core keywords of website target pages can be ranked naturally in the search engine search feedback results, so as to achieve the use of search engines to promote corporate brands and products. purpose.

Most corporate sites do not take into account the indexing habits of search engines during the construction process. From the perspective of unilateral aesthetics or customers, the consequence of this design is that information on corporate sites is difficult to be actively discovered by customers. By passively informing or advertising, customers can understand the existence of corporate websites. This prevents many companies from building websites that do not provide sufficient marketing value. It is also a waste of search engine resources and a huge marketing resource for companies. waste.

As the first professional SEO company specializing in diversified and high-quality SEO services in Fort Lauderdale. SinoTech has been dedicated to helping clients solve practical website promotion problems through search engine optimization services for a long time through actual combat and accumulation. SinoTech has summed up a highly efficient and scientific management operation model, which can provide valuable SEO services more quickly and effectively. Instead of pure ranking optimization services, our customers are always at the forefront of the industry.

The Following is a brief introduction to the SinoTech search engine optimization service process: analysis Our expert team will first analyze your competitor's website in-depth and understand their understanding of search engine optimization technologies. At the same time, together with you, determine your initial optimization goals and formulate relevant effective keywords.

Research and development Our expert team combines these specific operations through the experience of the exploration phase: page results, layout, code, page tabs, navigation, URLs, caption text, page titles, and other page factor modifications. The purpose of these operations is only one to improve the quality and quantity of pages in the search engine and backlinks.

First of all, we will use the manual method to submit the website to search engines and directories. The next step will be to develop a reasonable and effective linking strategy based on the customer's industry and increase the exposure of the website. Help customer sites improve link popularity and increase customer site awareness on search engines.

Reviews Our team of experts will periodically monitor your site traffic and search engine rankings for the target page, and provide a detailed ranking report and further suggestions for improvement periodically. Ultimately help customers achieve their intended purpose.

Through the above process-oriented operation mode and our scientific management, SinoTech has provided high-quality SEO services for a number of companies, rather than simple keyword ranking services. Our goal is to help customers create value is not to help customers obtain Rank. Contact Customer Service to get started now.

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