Seo vs. PPC

Differences between Search Engine Optimization and PPC Keyword Advertising

Natural Search Engine Results are improved with the right web design. It is called web design architecture. We use it to improve your ranking.

Then you add Pay Per Click Strategies to drive traffic to your offer.

PPC Advantages

  • Immediate data on your website.

  • Paid to show

  • Clearly control daily consumption amount

  • Flexible and always better keywords

  • Show bid level

Disadvatages of PPC

  •  Prone to malicious clicks by your competitors and haters in general.

  • The more you click, the more you spend on advertising

Seo Advantages    

  • Natural search results

  • Lower cost than ppc

  • Establish a corporate brand

  • Related secondary keywords can be ranked higher

Disadvatages of SEO

  • The time to get a good natural ranking is usually 6 months

  • The location of the keyword cannot be controlled in a specific position (usually in top10 or top20)

  • You could spend 6 months ranking for a keyword term that doesnt bring in any money.

 CTR (Click Through Rate) 5%~15%

  • First page 65%

  • Second page 25%

  • Third page 5%

 CPC cost per click

(Cost Per Click) The more clicks when using ppc model, the more expensive advertising. The more clicks, the lower the cost.