SEO Service FAQ

1. SEO Project cycle

The SEO cycle is usually around 3 to 4 months. The time is mainly determined by the intensity of the locked keyword competition and the basic conditions of the site. For some larger SEO projects, the previous keyword analysis will take several weeks. It will reach 6 months or even longer.

2. SEO Effective Period

Many customers hear SEO projects for a few months, and they find it too long to accept. However, as a regular SEO service provider, it takes time to implement SEO projects; but it does not mean that it will take time to see the results. In general, the initial effects brought by SEO can be felt in about 2 to 4 weeks, such as increased traffic, rising keyword rankings, and improved search engine performance. At the same time, the service cycle we propose is the bottom line. Not all projects need to be completed at that time. Most of our customers are completed ahead of schedule and have satisfactory results.

3. SEO Costs

SEO costs usually range from a few thousand to tens of thousands. Of course, some large SEO projects cost up to tens or even millions. These costs are based on the costs we have incurred in completing the project, such as keyword analysis, page layout, code adjustment, structure analysis, label analysis, external link improvement, etc.; most of the time, the difference between the prices of regular SEO service providers is different. Little, such as our SEO service providers in places like Beijing and Shanghai, the difference mainly comes from the gap in manpower cost. Of course, the technical ability of a team is also the main reason for deciding the cost, but it will not affect the service difference for low-priced SEO projects. The main reason. For some individual or black hat SEO service providers, the price will certainly be much lower than that of regular service providers. This depends on whether the customers themselves value the cost or value the service and quality.

4.Why We Cannot Guarantee the Ranking

The ranking of search engines is based on the results of search engine natural algorithms, and search engine algorithms are the top secret of search engines, and only a few senior managers know it. The only way to position search engine rankings is to search engine advertisements. As an SEO service provider, we use our many years of service experience to make an expected ranking commitment to customers and strive to achieve our goals. However, we cannot say that we can rank the search engine rankings. Our goal is to help customers make money through search, not to help customers rank.

5. Ranking Does Not Equal Effect

Many customers think that SEO is a ranking. It is actually a misunderstanding of true SEO. If even the most basic and most important keywords are all chosen wrongly, even the first one will not create value. For details, see How to Select Keyword.

6. Ranking Fluctuations

There may be fluctuations in the ranking of SEO services. In particular, for some new stations, ranking volatility will sometimes be relatively large. This is a normal process and will generally resume in a period of time and will not fluctuate after recovery.

7. Payment Methods

Once the SEO project begins to operate, as a service provider needs to invest in human and material resources, so as long as it is a regular service provider, it is impossible to accept payment methods that are paid afterwards.

8. The Gap Between SEO Service Providers

Here we refer to service providers who use SEO in a reasonable way.
The nature gap: One is based on the customer's interests as the starting point, and the other is taking the customer's interests as the core; the other is taking the ranking as the starting point and seeking their own interests as the core.
Technology gap: For small SEO projects, there is no big gap in technology. Only for some large-scale SEO projects will there be a large gap in technology
Service gap: The comparison of the service quality of each service provider, of course, the result depends on the customer

9. White Cats and Black Cats SEO

White Cat SEO: Adopting the technical means accepted by search engines, and rationally improving the site's own design to make it more satisfying to viewers' needs while also satisfying search engine behaviors
Black Cat SEO: The use of search engine algorithm loopholes, using a fast-paced approach, allowing customers to obtain a good natural ranking in a short time, but the search engine algorithm is the wisdom of thousands of engineers crystallize, is not a small number of individuals or groups The long-term occupation, the final result is that customers get a fast, but it is a disaster (the site was removed by the search engine)

I hope that the above questions can solve some doubts in your mind, and you can contact customer service for more detailed advice.