How to Choose Right Keyword

Keyword selection strategy


Keyword is the most basic and most important part of the entire  optimization process. A wrong keyword means a wrong investment. In order to improve the customer’s ability to select keywords, Google gives some preliminary recommendations .

1. From the Perspective of Customers

Try to think from the customer's point of view, if you are a customer,  you will choose what kind of keywords, and you can also get some  reference from your customers and partners.

2. Choose the Appropriate Rather than Choose Popular

We  have met many customer-selected keywords during our years of  optimization services, such as mobile phones, health, mp3s, hotels,  flowers, computers, photography, etc. These keywords are not worthless,  although they have a lot of traffic. Does not mean that you can bring a lot of customers, if you are not to  create traffic-based sites, then keep in mind that the traffic is not  equal to the customer, there is a keyword in the middle to bring the  customer's conversion rate.

We make a simple comparison of data:


Investment Costs

Brings Traffic

Actual Customer

Conversion Rate

Customer Unit Price














Maybe you think you will not make the above mistake, but in our experience...many customers are choose keyword A...

3. Select the Area Instead of the Country

If  your customers are not yet involved in the country or other regions,  then you do not need to upgrade your competitive environment. For  example, companies that do car rental business in Fort Lauderdcale can choose  “Fort Lauderdale Car Rental”, “Fort Lauderdale Car Rental Company”, etc. Instead of "car rental" or "car rental company," unless of course you  want to promote your brand, most of your customers use search engines to  focus on looking for actual customers instead of selecting brands.

4, if your initial budget is not much

In  this case, try to choose a small competition, it is relatively easy to  bring the customer's keywords, this one can reduce your investment costs  (investment risk), both can bring you actual customers; although may be  less, but you There is also less investment. It is not too late to invest more when you taste the sweetness.


5. Combine your traffic statistics system


Combine  the website's own traffic statistics system to provide a reference for  initial keyword selection, analyze the potential customers' search  behavior habits from there, and select the appropriate keywords; if you  don't have a statistical system or will not install it, Shangnuo can You provide free traffic statistics system installation service, click here to contact


If  you still can't determine your site's keywords after reading the above  references, we recommend that you select the search engine keyword  research strategy service launched by Google to help you choose the  right keywords.