What we commonly call Google Optimization refers to Google's left-side ranking optimization, and Google's right-side advertising link for Google itself. Google's ranking on the left is usually several times or even more on the right, while Google's on the left is natural. It is the result of analysis based on Google's unique algorithms. It cannot be controlled by keyword advertisements. With reasonable optimization can improve the ranking of the left site.

Google officials have expressed their position that they are not disgusted with reasonable optimization, because the starting point is for the sake of users. For example, a reasonable layout of the website is more conducive to users' reading, a reasonable website structure is more convenient for users to browse, and a reasonable title is more conducive to the user's definition of the theme of the website. And so on... And what we do for Google optimization is based on the user’s perspective, allowing users to have a better website experience.

Through our reasonable optimization, the customer's website can get a good ranking on the Google search engine. It can preempt the opponent to display the product information to the customer. At the same time, the long-term good Google ranking can not only improve the sales performance of the company, but also improve the corporate brand image. Seize the market.

Baidu's ranking on the left side of the auction has caused some naturally ranked sites to fail to achieve effective promotion. This time, they can use Google optimization to supplement, although Google's search volume is currently less than Baidu, but the quality of its search users and The general quality of the group is higher than that of Baidu, so a certain Google promotion may help you to achieve a multiplier effect.

SinoTech has many years of experience in Google's left-side ranking optimization service. We are more to improve Google's left-ranking ranking through reasonable improvement design. Friends interested in this service can contact customer service to get more information about Google optimization. Information on the service.